Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2 for 1 - Fashion & Fitness!

As previously blogged about, my FitBit Flex now has a new fun fashion addition! Tory Burch has now come out with jewelry that holds the FitBit inside! Since I bought the FitBit and saw it had different color band options, I often thought how I would love to be able to dress it up so that it went more with my office attire. I don't mind the solid black or slate color at all, but it is rubber and not very dressy. Tory Burch has beyond answered my prayers! I am really hoping more companies catch on to this trend, because it is a great one and I love when items serve more than one purpose.

There are three new options to hold your FitBit to track your daily fitness to remain looking stylish:

For those of you who sit at a computer all day, the Pendant necklace will be your best friend; gold and black and out of your technology navigation space!


And for those of you don't mind the original feel of the rubber FitBit, but would like to dress it up: you have three new options:

Silicone Printed Bracelet Blue                &                    Silicone Printed Bracelet Pink


Metal Hinged Bracelet - Identical to the Pendant necklace, but in the form of a bracelet.


Now you can stay fit, fashionable, and fabulous. You're welcome!

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