Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Crazy Daisy's Toys

Since my in-laws do not have any grandchildren yet (my husband is their only married child and we aren't popping any time soon) they of course had to spoil Daisy as their first grand-dog with toys and treats. We learned very quickly that Daisy has great teeth! 

We are so lucky that she has never tried to nibble or snap, even while being playful. 

Daisy loves the animal looking toys with squeakers in them - the more squeakers the better! You bet that the squeaker will be out in a maximum of a day's time, or less. When we through three destroyed squeaker toys in one week, we knew we needed to seek new options.
After several destroyed toys, we had to find some alternatives or the cost of upkeep on her toys would drive us to bankruptcy! 

We were told the best types of toys to give her while she is in the crate are ones she has to work at...her all time favorite is her Kong. I used to think this was just used to put peanut butter in, but they have Kong treats that fit right inside and really make the pup work to get it out! Daisy wasn't a huge fan of the peanut butter anyway. We have two Kongs for Daisy...she loves to play and nibble on them even without the treats! She likes it in the crate, on the couch or outside. Worth the purchase!

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